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Dexter’s Day: Travels….
I thunk I’ve had a busy week: I’ve been sent to Coventry twice this week! (Thunk it must be invisible place coz I don’t remember it – But I know my parents weren’t [...]
Dexter’s Day: Sunday Lunch!
Me and Mummy and we and I have been Very Busy today! We got up before silly o”clock – well, I woke Mummy up Because I’m kind – and I know she had Things To Do! So we got [...]
Dexter’s Day: Podcast?
Daddy is going to do a Podcast! (What’s a ”podcast”? Can I eat it?). I asked Mummy what a ”podcast” was – and she said it’s someone talking a lot about [...]
Dexter’s Day: Boys afternoon!
Me and Daddy and I and we, went on a ”boys afternoon”! Daddy was very busy with work on pools and needed to look at them So he took me with him so I could see too! I did the [...]
Dexter’s Day: Big school?
Mummy says I am old enough to go to ”’Big School” now! Because I’m 11 in dog years! (Wot’s a ”dog year”? Can I eat it?) Anyway, I thunked I was only one [...]
Dexter’s Day: Walkies!
I thunk my parents are getting old! When they came in from work tonight, I had my teeth cleaned and my coat on, And I was ready for a WALK! But they weren’t! They wanted a Lovely Cup of [...]
Dexter’s Day: Coffee morning.
I’m a lady! Well, I’m not really – I’m a BIG DOG But this morning, I was an honorary lady Coz I had a ”coffee morning” With my Mummy and Aunty Jane [...]
Dexter’s Day: Gotcha!
I am a very happy dog! Now I’m not a puppy anymore – coz I ate the puppy as you know – I’ve growed up to be Very Happy! And am Very Loved and Very Spoiled.   But the [...]
Dexter’s Day: Chores!
It’s Saturday, so Mummy and Daddy and Me and I and we and they, are Very Busy! We’ve got lots to do including shopping, (them), Eating, (Me and them – no I’m not Eating [...]
Dexter’s Day: Back to work!
Mummy and Daddy and me and We and Us , Are back to work this week! My parents are very busy in and out of the office – and I’m very busy at home! I’m back to , throwing [...]