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Our Team

Small but beautifully formed
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Our Team

14th June 2018 by Lynn

The Team Behind

Small but beautifully formed, our team of happy people is made up of:

Our customer service team

Namely, Lynn and Alison, who are on hand 24/7 (Lynn!), to help you from enquiry to departure. Everything from quoting you for your holiday to giving you advice on the locality to ensuring you arrive safely to a clean villa to checking that all is well throughout your stay/assisting with any (if any) problems – to a safe and happy departure, is down to these two gorgeous ladies (one of whom is writing this so is allowed to say anything!)

Our accounts manager

Jude, who wishes to remain nameless because accounts managers need to be impersonal in case they need to tell you off for sending too much (we wish!) or too little money for your holiday!

Our pool cleaning team

Fiercely managed by Tony, husband of Lynn and Pool Inspector/Pool Cleaning Trainer (covering Italy to Kuwait we’ll have you know!), the team are made up of 6 totally wonderful, handsome, fit (they tell us) and customer friendly (too friendly in one case but that’s a whole other legal case!), men and incredible lady –  whose mission in life is to make sure our swimming pools are the cleanest, most sparkling and welcoming on the island of Cyprus. We’ll tell you which one is ‘yours’ for the duration and ask only that the man in question is returned to us in one piece at the end of your stay.

Gardening team

The eye candy in the gang! Mike (phoar!) and his partner in bushes (!), Vas, get the growth in your villa, under control for your arrival but do pop in to tweak and trim as early as they can on mornings when you are resting but the shrubs are bursting with their colourful blooms


Michael, our Lazydaze pools manager and our housekeepers, oversee most of our properties and their housekeeping needs. Our housekeepers are wonderful and ‘fuss and fold’ while Mike looks the part and does as he’s told – except on the pools where he works with other men and can boss them about. The housekeeping team have their ‘portfolio’ of properties to love and nurture… which they do with kindness, care and great humour!

The VAT man

Well, he’s not really ON side but I thought I should mention him coz he takes a fair bit of interest in all the dealings and wants to be seen as being ‘with us’

No, you cannot have photos:! We’ve all got great faces for sunglasses and the camera simply ‘flashes-off the lenses’. Come and meet us in person instead!