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Dexter’s Day: Poorly boy
I’ve got ”Dog Man Flu”! Oh, Mummy says I haven’t got this – but I’m poorly……. Daddy has Man Flu. Permanently. Whenever Mummy needs him to do [...]
Dexter’s Day: Holiday weekend!
It’s a bank holiday weekend here! Am very happy about this coz my parents are home! With me! Alone! Well, not really coz I’m with them and they are with each other- Apart from when my [...]
Dexter’s Day: Hold up!
I thunk I’ve had one of the best weeks of my life! I’ve been SOOOO busy being happy, That I’ve forgotten to write to you all – But please know that I wuff you all very [...]
Dexter’s Day: Fields of dreams.
I’m becoming a Very Good Boy when I let my parents off the lead! I watch them from a good distance, so they cannot catch me – and I can check that they are safe – Then I RUN [...]
Feb 19, 2023 Category: Uncategorised 0 Comments
Dexter’s Day: No Frills
I’m currently chewing on a black bra! Normally, I love to eat pants best- especially Daddy’s clean pants, when Mummy hangs them on the line! But I cannot reach them today Coz Mummy [...]
Dexter’s Day: Valentines day!
It’s Valentines Day! (Sexy photo of me for you girls!). (Wots that? Can I eat it?) Mummy says I have to tell you  that I WUFF you all! I thunk you are all lovely for reading about  my days [...]
Feb 14, 2023 Category: Uncategorised 0 Comments
Dexter’s Day: Let your Happy OUT!
I wuff Sundays! I wuff EVERY DAY! – especially TODAY – but I thunk I wuff Sundays BESTEST! ( Or maybe Monday? Wednesdays are good too? And Fridays)….. Okay I do WUFF everyday! [...]
Dexter’s Day: Thruple!
It’s Valentines weekend – well sort of And Mummy was asking Daddy if he’d go out with her to somewhere romantic But he said he couldn’t coz it’s not just about he [...]
Dexter’s Day: Things that make you feel better!
Mummy teaches me to be very kind. I thunk this is a Very Good Thing! I wuff being kind : I’m kind to my parents, my people, the cats and the birds…. I cover them in kisses when I can [...]
Dexter’s Day: A cunning plan!
Daddy is working today so he left home even before silly o”clock. Mummy and I and her and me and we, had a cunning plan: As soon as Daddy brought Mummy her ‘lovely cup of tea”, [...]