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Dexter’s Day: Dog tired!
It is very wufferly having some of our family here staying with us Especially, the boys who are good fun and run around so I can chase them But my parents don’t understand how hard it is [...]
Dexter’s Day: Boy stuff.
I thunk I’m a very lucky boy coz I’ve got two very lovely boys here in my house and they play with me! Well, they don’t really play with me: they are too busy doing ‘boy [...]
Dexter’s Day: Physio
There is something very wrong with my Mummy today! She got up even before silly o’clock and lay on the floor in the lounge, Then started to roll around, counting and bending her legs, Then [...]
Dexter’s Day: what a shower!
I need the Doggy Ombudsman again! Mummy and Daddy and they and them, grabbed hold of me and put cold water all over me! Then they made my fur go all bubbly and poured even more water over me. [...]
Dexter’s Day: My friend, Finn…
Oh dear. I thunk it must be a ‘Labrador’ thing coz my friend Finn, is in Big Trouble too! He made holes in his Dad person’s favourite blanket – which was a caring thing [...]
Dexter’s Day: Cushions!
This is a very wufferly time of year! Mummy is putting cushions everywhere! They are on the chairs outside the kitchen On the chairs around the pool and upstairs on the settee on the balcony. I [...]
Dexter’s Day: Body Lotion for Breakfast?
I thunk my Mummy has lost the plot! She comes out with some strange conversations – just ask my Daddy person! He’s gone white trying to understand her! This morning, when she got out [...]
Dexter’s Day: A Good Friday!
It’s Easter Weekend here and today is Good Friday. Mummy was telling me all about it this morning as she was tickling my tummy. I wasn’t really listening: I was thunking about eating [...]
Dexter’s Day: Outside furniture comfort check!
I wuff the work my Mummy and Alison do! When Mummy takes me to the office with her then takes me around the holiday villas, I ‘sniff check’ everything and let Mummy know all smells [...]
Dexter’s Day – sleeping on the sofa!
Me and Mummy and we and us, slept on the sofa together for half of the night. On the small sofa – which isn’t big enough for even one of us, so I don’t know why we were there. I [...]