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Dexter’s Day: Water off a dog’s back!
I took my humans to Latchi yesterday , with Aunty Jane and Uncle Steve. They all behaved quite well, though I was a bit worried when the Big Scary Sea shouted at us And the boat started to roll [...]
Dexter’s Day: Saving Mummy!
Oh No! Oh Dear! Mummy is being eaten by white bubbles in the water bowl in the bathroom! Daddy escaped them and is safely downstairs But my Mummy is stuck! She keeps disappearing under them When [...]
Dexter’s Day: Growing Pains
I’m having a very chilled out day. Mummy says, I’m tired because my bones are growing. I’ve watched them closely and they don’t seem to be moving But my Mummy is very [...]
Dexter’s Day: Chill out Friday
Mummy and Daddy don’t go to the office on Fridays. They stare into their machines most of the  day But they don’t go and leave me alone. So I cannot be naughty. Not even a little bit. [...]
Dexter’s Day: Mud in your face!
I love walking my Mummy and Daddy. Everyday, when they finish work, I tie them both to me and we go for a walk… Well, that’s not exactly true: First I have to let Daddy drive Mummy [...]
Dexter’s Day: Sea Dog!
It’s been a very exciting afternoon! I’ve been with my Daddy to sell a pool liner: (What’s a pool liner? Can I eat it?). Then Mummy and Daddy took me to Latchi, To the seaside! [...]
Dexter’s Day: Fido-elity!
I’m a fit and healthy puppy! But I’m turning into a big of a dog, according to my people! I cannot help being so very handsome And cute and tall and sexy (!). My Daddy says, [...]
Dexter’s Day: Peace Talks.
Mummy came home from work and she fought with the big wooden door and I got my biscuits! Then Mummy said, “Dexter, we need to have a SERIOUS TALK!” She looked very concerned So I [...]
Dexter’s Day: Elephants and toilet rolls.
It’s not even 10 am and I’m SOOOO tired! Am only a puppy, for goodness sake! I had to wake up Mummy and Daddy, A long time before silly 0’clock, Because something horrible was [...]
Dexter’s Day: Things to Do!
We have many ”Things to Do”, today according to my Mummy. Am not sure what they are But I hope I can eat some of them! Daddy is at work today But I helped him eat his breakfast before [...]