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Dexter’s Day: Morning Games
It’s been a Great Fun Morning! I thunk the Best Ever!   Mummy and me and I and Mummy, Got up BEFORE silly oçlock today And we played!   Well, I thunk Mummy was a bit busy and a [...]
Dexter’s Day- I’m Home!
Bed and pot and pants and Shawn and Teddy and Blue Crocodile And String and Pull and Me – we are HOME! We’ve been on a trip To train Lyndsay coz she has to train dogs: So as I’m [...]
Dexter’s Day: The Present.
I thunk it might by my birthday again Coz I’ve been up EXTRA EARLY And have open all the paper things with cards in…… (I’ll read them later – cannot find my glasses [...]
Dexter’s Day: Batteries not included!
Harry Cat needs new batteries. (I didn’t thunk cats had batteries? Double AA or AAA – and miow do you change them?) (I’m so funny! I made a joke!)   It’s because [...]
Dexter’s Day: Being Busy
Me and Mummy and Mummy and Me and I and Mummy and I and me (?), Have been VERY BUSY today!   I thunked Mummy was a little sad this morning Coz there was water coming from her eyes So I [...]
Sep 16, 2022 Category: Uncategorised 0 Comments
Dexter’s Day: Aminals!
My Godfather is an Aminal! Not sure wot one of these is – Can I eat it? Anyway, my Daddy called him an ”aminal” But Mummy said this was because of drinking from wet glasses! [...]
Dexter’s Day: long night!
I woz starting to thunk that my Mummy didn’t love me! And my Daddy person too! They’ve slept F.O.R.E.V.E.R! I tried VERY HARD to wake Mummy: If I jump on her, she normally cuddles me [...]
Dexter’s Day: Letter to the Queen’s Doggies
Hello My name is Dexter. We haven’t met but I’ve been thunking about you all day. I am VERY SORRY to hear about your Mummy Person. My Mummy tells me that your Mummy was MAGNIFICENT. [...]
Sep 09, 2022 Category: Uncategorised 0 Comments
Dexter’s Day: The Family Bottom
Mummy says I have the ”family bottom”. Daddy just laughed and said, ”No dog will have a bottom THAT big!” Not sure what this is about but I don’t think my [...]
Dexter’s day: Panther?
I’ve just been to help Mummy feed the cats. Mummy said I walk like a Panther! (Wot’s a panther? Can I eat it?)   OH NOOOOO! I’ve just seen a photo of a Panther! It can EAT [...]