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Dexter’s Day: Tidying up.
Me and Mummy and Daddy and we and they and I and them, Did a BIG JOB of tidying up the garden at home last night! Mummy was telling Daddy and I how lovely the villas were looking, with their [...]
Dexter’s Day: Whose a knit?
I thunk Sunday is my favourite day! Well, apart from Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Today has been very exciting so far: I took Mummy for a walk But didn’t let [...]
Dexter’s Day: Coming out?
Today, I thunk there is something going on in the Universe: Mummy says I’m a ‘little Tish’ – or something like that And I don’t know why! I’ve only stolen [...]
Dexter’s Day: am I Australian?
Even though I’m not ‘big down under’ anymore, I thunk I’m from Oz. Why? Well I go to sleep when my parents go to work – and I sleep the day away quite happily , Even [...]
Dexter’s Day: Reframing my dreams.
I’ve been thunking long and hard overnight: So I cannot be a doggy porn star BUT I can be a Very Charming Dog! I thunk I’ll be the Gentleman of Dogs and shake paws with everyone I [...]
Dexter’s Day: Plums to Grapes!
I had it all planned! I’d been thunking about it for a while and reading stuff in the papers. I could be THE RICHEST doggy in the UNIVERSE! Just by flashing my ‘plums’! While [...]
Dexter’s Day: Sticks and Stones.
Me and Mummy and I and we, have had a very lovely day! We’ve been cleaning and baking and washing and tidying – Well, Mummy has but I’ve been busy too: I’ve brought most [...]
Dexter’s Day: Diggity Dog!
I’ve been very busy today! I’ve helped my Daddy person, in the garden: he planted; I dug up again. I know he likes to plant, so I thunked it was very helpful of me, To dig things up [...]
Dexter’s Day. Home alone.
Uncle Mike person said he was going to get the suitcases from upstairs. I thunked to myself, ”That’s good. I can eat them!” But I couldn’t though I tried. I woz also [...]
Dexter’s Day: Paw Patrol!
It’s very hot here in Peyia ! I knew it was going to be hot coz I’m nearly 2 years old so I’ve been here in the summer before, But I forgot how hot it got last time and I stood [...]