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Dexter’s Day: The Gatekeeper.
It’s been a very busy morning! I’ve walked Mummy – and watched her walk herself up the hill. My and Daddy and we and us, have cleaned out the shed – into the garden, which [...]
Dec 02, 2023 Category: Coral Bay Holiday Villas, Dexter, dog lovers in Coral Bay cyprus 0 Comments
Dexter’s Day: Dreams and fears
Mummy had a very bad dream last night. I knowed this coz she woke up crying and cuddling me asking me to wake up But I was awake: I couldn’t sleep for the noise she was making….. The [...]
Dexter’s Day: Out on the town!
My parents left me FOREVER! well, for one night only and they asked me to look after my friend , Malcolm, So he came to stay in my house and I fed him and we played good. Malcolm is really good [...]
Dexter’s Day: Life is Pants!
I was lying between my Mummy and Daddy this morning, in my bed which they share and I was thunking to myself, “life really is pants!” You see, I’d found a new ‘toy [...]
Dexter’s Day: Paws over my ears!
When I woke Daddy up this morning after Mummy and I had been up for hours, Daddy asked if Mummy was okay – and she said she wanted ‘sox’! Daddy’s eyes lit up and he told [...]
Dexter’s Day: Pork Chop and Pants!
Oh, it’s a very happy Friday! I don’t like it when my parents play out without me but I wuff it when they bring me treats! And I got a pork chop from Geitonia! And it was all for me! [...]
Dexter’s Day: Cousin!
Am very excited because I’ve got a Cousin? Well, she’s not really my cousin coz I’m a puppy and I just have other furry friends and family But she is my Mummy’s cousin, so [...]
Dexter’s Day: Sleeping like a log!
Mummy was telling me about the Princess and the Pea – and how naughty the pea was spoiling her sleep! The reason was that I tried to make Mummy feel better, so put my favourite stick in her [...]
Dexter’s Day: Can I eat it?
Last night, me and Mummy and I and we and us, were snuggled up chatting. I had my paws on my Mummy’s shoulder coz she seemed a little quiet But she hasn’t got much of a voice right [...]
Dexter’s Day: Walking Fuffy
I thunked it would be a good idea, to walk Mummy this morning, coz it’s a beautiful day and she’s been asleep for far too long – past 6am! So I shouted a lot by the gate and [...]