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7th January 2011

Zorba the Geordie

When I arrived in Newcastle airport, at around 4am on Monday, I was met by the only local (to my mums house) taxi company, who worked through the night. The driver was a huge , great Geordie man with a fantastic broad geordie accent. His opening words were: “Well pet, where ‘ev yee came from?” “Paphos, Cyprus”, I replied.
“Why, thats gray-et, hinny! Ahm Cypriot, mesell like”…..”Can ye tell?”….
“Oh yes”, I said. He was delighted and continued, “Es ett me accent?”……. “No, you’ve got a very Cypriot nose”….I dared to reply….

“Thats gray-et. Its me Das. He woz Cypriot aalso”
…. and from there, the journey home to mums was hilarious with “Zorba the Geordie” regaling me with stories of “local” village in Cyprus in the Troodos Mountains……lovely
He also came to collect me to take me back to the airport and talked my head off all the way back.
He was wonderful and I thank him SO much for being so kind, friendly – and completely Cypriot , of course!