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1st January 2010

Zip in de do dah…..

As I’m totally awake, might as well tell you about the night before last and a silly, funny experience in La Vigna restaurant, Coral Bay. My mums friend Noreen is here for a holiday and she is totally lovely. As we had cooked dinner on Friday for Mum, Jim, Noreen and Stuart, Noreen kindly took us out for a meal – and we chose La Vigna.

The restaurant itself is pretty, informal and very pleasant but we felt the need to “clean up” a bit, seeing as we were being treated! Tony looked great as always; I made an effort and put on a favourite linen dress which is like a dress version of dungarees, with a huge zip up the back.

Except I forgot to zip up the back! Or rather, Tony wasn’t there to help and I couldn’t do the fiddly bit from ribs to neck, so I left it – and forgot.

Priding myself on how well the dress was fitting and how much weight I must have lost coz the dress was sitting very comfortably, sort of off my shoulders (where it shouldn’t have been), I preened like a peacock at the table.

Until one of the waitresses, who we know well, walked up behind me and, without a by your leave, quickly zipped me up and tucked the tag in!

Well! I ask you. Has it really come to this? A middle aged woman partially dressed in a public place having her dress zipped UP by a caring younger woman! What happened to being so gorgeous that young men queued to unzip dresses?!….

(Actually, that bit has never happened to me but a woman can dream, can’t she? Even if she doesn’t get enough sleep to enjoy the dreams in!)

Okay, off to try to sleep. wonder if its illegal to give a puppy whisky and sleeping tablet in his water? On, no need……..Jake is now snoring happily in the lounge with my shoe hanging out of his mouth – and my typing is disturbing him! Poor puppy!

Category: Cyprus Villas News