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1st January 2010

You’ve made your bed now let me lie in it!

Late afternoon today was to be the time when I “did things”: like clean our bathroom; strip one of the spare beds ready for our friends coming; conquer the ironing mountain and change our bed.

It was all going well until Charlie cat and Jake decided to help. I’d just got out clean bedding for us and threw the bottom sheet up in the air, when Charlie lay on the mattress, closely followed by Jake. After a 10 minute tussle, I kicked them both off and began to make the bed again but Charlie got into the quilt cover and Jake jumped on top of the quilt……… was bedlam! Literally!

Spending half an hour trying to distract Jake,I gave up and so did he, settling nicely on the half made quilt (and on top of Charlie) and going to sleep.

We went out to Coral Bay to check in some Easter villa guests then came back 2 hours later to find Jake had got up but was now on the balcony, pulling my little easter eggs off the plant and chewing them one by one……….

Its no yoke when you’re bed isn’t your own and your eggs are up for grabs by a mad puppy! Next time, we’re having a hamster!

Category: Cyprus Villas News