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16th April 2016

You’ve made your bed , Hubs, now lie in it!

While we are great at helping the owners of the lovely holiday villas we look after, to upgrade their furnishings and items, we’re not so good at keeping our home, ‘up to date’.

Well, we are in terms of having the rooms/garden ready for our own guests but we forget about our own needs and have made a list of what WE need to do for us! (The ‘Us’, of course, includes the furry gang!).

Anyway, armed with list of , ‘things we need’, we set out today to buy a new mattress. One which will fulfil my needs in terms of supporting my very tired old spine and one which will suit Molly Mou, who sleeps in the middle of us! Tony reckons he’ll just have to, ‘put up with anything’.

Visiting one of the many shops on the main shopping road in Paphos today, Tony was actively testing the beds and commented to a very pretty assistant who was helping him, “This one reminds me of when I was in Rhona’s bed”………….now as the assistant knows me and knows that my name is Lynn and that Tony and I have been together three million years, she looked very embarrassed and walked away.

I laughed coz I knew exactly what Tony meant – and he and I had been in Rhona’s bed together.

No, she wasn’t there – but her cat was!

If you’d like to sleep in a comfy bed in a lovely holiday villa here in Coral Bay or Peyia, email to me for offers and available dates, on …’ll sleep very well and wake VERY happily in the sunshine!

photo barney in bed down