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1st January 2010

You’ve either got it or you haven’t….

So, Therese and Kathryn have only been here 8 days and already are on a hot date with one of the most eligible men in our village (or is that “illegible”, which is what my lovely Nanna used to say?)…..

Either way, he is gorgeous, single (I pray), a footballer/dancer/model and, I have just learned, shaves his legs to help him in his work!

Now call me old fashioned but I’d rather have a more hairy, less active/fit persons arm to hang on to: the competition would be too tough!! But then again, at 18, the girls are each individually gorgeous and definitely “have it” in every sense.

Tonight, I’m sat at home biting my nails waiting for them to return to their 11.30 pm curfew. They are sat somewhere in a bar, being charmed by the energetic waxed god and will not give a care to the time or my fears. Even the dogs are on edge, watching the door and wondering what is going on – after all, their people are always in bed by now.

Therese has been warned; she may “have it” and be much sought after by the handsome and less physically blessed, but if she isn’t home in the next 35 minutes, trust me, she is going to GET IT!! (and I know her gorgeous Mum Jane is reading this so she’ll understand where the bruises have come from when I return our mutual daughter to her loving care!!).

Caring properly for our villa holidaymakers is challenging but nothing has prepared me for the care of these two enthusiastic party animals………..Tony, the dogs, Charlie cat and I definitely need a holiday – or a life!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News