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25th January 2017

Your place in the sun!

It’s been an interesting morning, trying to find a holiday property match for some gorgeous returning guests who’ve become great friends of ours. The challenge is that the dates they want, in most villas and apartments, are already booked – so the few with availability we have left, are not their first choice  for many reasons: from number of bedrooms not being enough to location being away from the beach/too close to the beach – it’s not easy but we’ll sort it!

For over 12 years of doing this business, I learn something new every year eg 6 families can go into one villa; 5 will love it and one will find things they don’t love about it. It’s simply human nature that we each eg see colour differently, so one person wants plain bedding and neutral colours and another, wants flamboyance and many colours! This is why we ask so very many questions of you when you enquire about a holiday property.

I’ve even started trying to describe the holiday properties as ”people”eg we have one wonderful, homely villa which is like a comforting Nanna ie you are so pleased to be around her when you feel the need for rest and a cuddle! Another, is like a Yummy Mummy: ie in the best flush of her life/trendy without being too edgy and sophisticated without being cold – but thinks about everyone!

If you’d like to meet your perfect villa and apartment match in one of our Cyprus places in the sun, drop me an email to and let me learn more about you so I can suggest which properties could be right for you! Go on ! I love a challenge!

Picture below are of ALMAR, our Yummy Mummy villa! Thanks to Tracy and Steve, the owners, it’s getting better as it gets a little older!

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