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1st January 2010

You need hands……..

We had such a giggle in the office yesterday. Sam and I were talking to Jacqueline, who owns and operates the taxi company with whom we work. Jac is very funny and had us in stitches with stories about her recent antics.

Moving from one subject to another with amazing speed , Jac began to explain that her most important recent purchase, was a strapless bra with “hands” in it. Hands? This we had to see – so we jokingly asked Jac to show us…..

big mistake!

Hiding behind the door to the kitchen, Jac dropped her dress, pulled her bra off covering her modesty with her arm and began to wave her bra about in the air . It was fab: you could see the moulded hand print in each cup. Sam and I wanted to have a good feel of it but a customer came in wanting to book a villa in Peyia….

Luckily, Jac was able to duck out of the way, quickly pulling her bra into the room with her.

Trying not to giggle, we took the booking, thanked the guest then let a very giggly Jac out of the office!

all in a days work