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15th December 2016

You couldn’t make this up!

My poor husband is doing a sterling job trying to balance caring for me after my very recent back op with running our businesses and keeping house going. So when he got home yesterday and saw that Barney T Rubble was struggling to walk or put his back leg to the ground, I think tony thought barney was taking the micky out of him!

That was until a trip to see Peyia Vets where barney had to be xrayed and it was found that he had torn his crucial ligaments and needed an op too!

Then, Nikolas, our trusted vet tells us he cannot operate until tuesdsy coz HE has just had an op on his eyes and needs time to recover!

So I am in hospital monday again, barney has an op tuesday then tony has us both to care for, for at least 6 weeks from there! Bed rest? Yes, tony is definitely going to need that come Springtime!

Still am well enough to answer enquiries for 2017 villa holidays in peyia or coral bay so email to barney and I on

Get well soon Nikolas!