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1st January 2010

You are uninvited!

Yesterday, in between saying farewell to guests departing from a few villas in Coral Bay and hello to a few arriving, I called round to the “palace” which is home to Susie and The Great Raymondodoulou.

Its a substantial property, with lavish garden area and lovely space – and is perfectly befitting of this traditionally built and very pleasant couple.

I’d called to invite them to BBQ at our home, later that night, when we’d finished work. Tony was going to BBQ fish and I was going to “run up” some salads and assist Susie with the consumption of local wine – only Tony rang minutes after I’d extended the invite – and they had accepted – to tell me to “uninvite them” coz we needed to attend an urgent meeting!………..

It wouldn’t have been SO embarrassing if the twosome didnt’ pull my leg so much about it, telling me that they were hurt/offended and couldn’t just “sit around waiting for an invite from the likes of us!”

So today, I’ve not invited them to anything and I may not either tomorrow – but I’ll call round coz they do a very generous helping of local white wine with, from time to time, almost-out-of-date salmon!

Am psychic and think they won’t be inviting me anywhere either after reading this, hee hee!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News