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1st January 2010


We’ve got some wonderful children belonging to our team (and one of the team whose just gone to pursue his own dream).

Christian and Emma, (pool liner /cleaner/manager and office /people supremos) have Daisy (2) and Charlie(4 soon-to-be-5) and Vanessa (Yoga guru) and James (brave pursuer of dreams), have Jordi, aged 7.

I’ve known Jordi for a few years and he is just gorgeous . Now speaking greek, he has always made me smile with his love of life/stuff and knowledge of ‘god’, who visits his school (aka the village priest).

Daisy has just found her voice – oh dear! Last night, she was chatting away to me/her mum/baby annabelle who lives next door) and beating up her older brother Charlie, who is more sensitive than this beautiful little girl will EVERY be!

Charlie was being ‘grown up’ and trying to say ‘square words’ to his mum and I without getting into too much trouble. He knows that ‘square words’ are bad but , when you are 4 (or over 50 and hormonal), sometimes the only way to get a feeling out, is to use a ‘square word’ – but Mummy Emma was not too pleased – and as she was just about to go out to checkin arrival guests at our holiday villas in Coral Bay, Charlie had to apologise and behave to make his mummy feel better…..

Its much easier not having the responsibility of parenthood, though its a huge sadness – but children do make me laugh SOOOO much and I just love the chance to babysit them or spend time ‘learning’ from them…..

I’ve decided today is officially ‘Square Word’ Day. My friend, Twosheds will love this coz she uses square words a lot, (though blames Freda her sister,, who is in spirit and I’m sure wasn’t half as naughty as Twosheds is)…….

So RECTANGLES to all of you ! Happy Triangular Thursday !

Category: Cyprus Villas News