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10th November 2012

Yes, real thunder and lightening..

oh dear, we’ve had 4 days of seriously vicious thunder and lightening storms. They are magnificent to watch from the comfort of your home but not wonderful to be in when you are on holiday. I mean, you’ve PAID for the sun, so you want sun!

Its really frustrating for the guests. We want them to have the best possible time but simply cannot help the weather. One of the worst things is that the lightening often hits the water heater or TV aerial, so we have to get these repaired quickly – and when there are so many repairs in a such a short space of time, the queue for ‘quickest possible time’ can be long and this adds to the frustration. In the main, we get repairs done within 2 hours. In the storms, we’re totally dependant on the weather ie we cannot climb onto the rooftops when the lightening is thrashing……..

Still, the Thinking Step is a great place to watch the storms and forget the hassles for a while ………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News