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4th May 2013

Yes but can I help YOU?

I took a wonderful Russian lady around a few of our longterm rental properties yesterday. She was very friendly and very interested in two of the properties but talked so much, I could hardly hear the ‘buying signals’ for the generic day to day gossip!

I would describe her as ‘colourful’ – she, however, described me (as our meeting was ending), as looking, ‘Fery tirrrred: you have ze eyes fatty and zees (pointing to my cheeks), need lifting UP UP UP. I can help you! Let me help you! Here eez my card. You MUST ring!’

So, I left the meeting feeling deflated, old and ‘had’ – but I’ve got a number for a very interesting ‘miracle maker’ if anyone wants one……

(Yes, of course I’m going to ring her!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News