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15th November 2014


15 years ago, when our home here on the hillside in Peyia was built, we planted a Yukka tree just at the top of the stairs to our home, behind the gate. At the time, this little tree was a ‘baby’ and didn’t deserve its grand name , so we called it “Y”.

Today, “Y” is the most gorgeous, healthy strong and happy tree and deserves to be called , “Super Yukka Dukka” – but apparently it needs to be pruned coz its taking all the light from the shrubs around it!

I’m so upset. I’ve tried to reason with Tony, who won’t listen; with Steve Scissorhands, our gardening manager, whose idea it was to ‘hurt’ my Yukka tree in the first place and with Stavros, a friend who has a garden centre – but my voice is unheard. So am just going to have to chain myself to this proud tree and try to block the way of those with sharp implements!

I need your votes now! Should Super Yukka Dukka be cut back and if so, Y? Email to me on and share your thoughts!photo Y