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13th May 2020


When we built our house here in Peyia, around 21 years ago, we planted a Yukka tree at the entrance to our home.

Well, when I call it a Yukka, ”tree”, poor little thing was more like an embarrassed cutting off a grown up tree and didn’t look as if it would amount to anything!

We used to call this little growth, Ý and talk to it as we went back and forward from the house. As Mother Nature does, she worked her magic and Y started to become worthy of it’s full name – then went above and beyond our hopes and expectations – and is now THE most beautiful, large and happy Yukka I’ve ever seen!

We still talk to ”him” as we come and go. I sense he is happy – and so are we, despite the damage to the paving as his roots have established and his trunk has grown huge.

He has welcomed dogs and cats, visitors and guests. Been used for hide and seek and makes me feel safe when I look at him and see just much he has grown.

Y? well Y not? He suited his baby name and now he is magnificent, we’ll have to think of something more in keeping with his stature……

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