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3rd April 2015 – why I care so much about holiday guests!

What a beautiful morning here in Peyia village, Cyprus. The sun is in the heavens and seems to be ‘smiling’ across the village and the Coral Bay coastline. With many holiday rental villas filled with holidaymakers at this time, its great that they can enjoy their well deserved holidays in an area which is warm and friendly, in the true sense.

I was asked last night, why I was willing to reply to enquiries at home, through till the early hours of the morning. The answer is simple: it matters so much to me that people are shown the care and respect they deserve when choosing where to spend their  money on a holiday villa – and that they know we care enough to eg know their name, understand their holiday aspirations – and care enough to go the extra mile to ensure these are fulfilled.

Today, as Emma is running around getting Easter eggs to deliver to our guests, as a thank you for booking with us, I’ve been taking some photos of the villa of Peyia because I also care that the local Cypriot and expat people here, who work so very hard to make the village welcoming, are given the opportunity to share their village and the area of the Peyia Municipality eg Coral Bay, with holiday makers who’ll eg buy their wares, eat in their restaurants. Providing a great holiday experience, really is a ‘team sport’ – and one we aim to excel in and keep trying harder to achieve this!

Here’s a photo from the drive to work I have through our village: its the house of a Peyia resident who moved here many decades ago and who works so hard to keep the road near their home, clean and pretty for people to walk past. They care – so we care!

If you’d like us to care for you and your holiday choice, please email to me on and we’ll be so happy to listen, learn and help!

Happy Easter to everyone!

photo old cottage in village