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1st January 2010

wrong words at the right time…..

As I was checking in some lucky guests to villa Enjoyy in Coral Bay, yesterday, I met Andonis, who is a local gardener and handyman who cares for the land around the villas. He is a lovely man, speaks quite interesting English and always has a smile on his face.

Yesterday, he was a little upset and I asked him what was the matter, noticing that, behind him, there was a fire engine and some fireman were trying to put out a small fire in the dry grasses close to the sea.

Andonis explained that he’d seen some young boys setting fire to the long grass and, knowing how dry the land is, he’d gone to try to see to the fire and stop it spreading before calling the police and the fire brigade. A neighbour, who’d seen what had happened , had already called the police – who arrived and, well, in Andonis own words:

“They were very shouting to me and trying to make me go into their car. I tell them that I distinguish the fire: I distinguish the fire, so they not shout at me please”……….

Thankfully, the police understood Andonis’ attempts to put the fire out and Andonis was free to go about his work: he was very upset and I tried very hard not to smile at his misuse of English, not least as my Greek is so very bad.

Actually, the fire didn’t look very distinguished – but I’m sure Andonis did as he rushed around with his “box with water” trying to “distinguish it”……..

I can talk: I asked for a bank for 4, outside at Michaels taverna (Trapezey, is table and I asked for Trapeza – bank!).

Our friend, Christos Christodoulou, the insurance specialist “fillets” forms for our customers and makes sure they are “cover-ed”…..

My very well spoken Mums attempts at the harsh sounding Cypriot “thank you”, Efaristo, sounded more like Mary Poppins saying “Ohfairysnow”………………

and Tonys ALWAYS says the wrong thing, in all languages – but he’s a man!!

Happy daze…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News