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1st January 2010

Written in the stars…..

What a glorious day! 42 degrees, clear skies and wonderful views. God is in her Heaven today, looking over this gorgeous place!

I checked my stars today and they are fab too: “live life to the full; relax in the glories of the universe;go with the flow of lifes pleasures…….”…………and many more positive things like that.

So I want my money back from “They” who write for Virgos! Why: Well…..

– I relaxed: and Jake jumped on the bed to cuddle me when I wasn’t prepared. Bruises cooking nicely

– Living life to the full, I decided to try an old Yoga pose and “worship the sun goddess” – and have only just straightened up

– going with the flow was easy: the waters positively gushed from the bottom of the washing machine, leaving the dogs bemused by the bubbles but happy to play “lets make this worse” while I gathered towels and began to mop up the mess…..

Could be worse: could be on a rooftop trying to battle with pigeons droppings! We think the pigeons of the world have special package deals for Cyprus and are coming in the droves, (flocking little things!) and leaving messages everywhere they can! Hasn’t been too big a problem unti recently when they’ve started to nest on one or two villas – so we’ve had to act , humanely but quickly.

My stars also said, the fairies of the universe were singing for me! I see. Don’t know about singing but I reckon they are laughing their little sparkly socks off at my attempts to stay sane against the adverse household challenges this morning.

Will be very glad to be out of the house and into the villas, warming my troubled soul with the happy smiles of holiday makers, delighted by their villa homes and full of anticipation of the week or two ahead….

Yet, there is a God: my dishwasher also broke last week so at least now I can buy a matching pair of appliances. (Trust me, it matters: I’m a Virgo! (Though Capricorns day seemed far more appealing! Can you change your star sign by deed poll?))

Come on world, let the Universe provide………I’m ready!

Category: Cyprus Villas News