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1st January 2010

Wot a Cheek!

People greet each other in many different ways, depending on where they come from. Tony is only just getting over the “kissing man, holding hands with other men” dance which the Cypriots do………and now Jake has invented a whole new way of greeting our guests.

I’m a little upset: I thought it was “our thing” but it seems Jake is not the faithful type and will chase any butt in a skirt…….literally!

For weeks, I’ve had to tolerate this silly (very) big puppy biting my bum whenever I walked past him but I took this as a sign of affection. Yesterday, he playfully nipped a friend of ours who called for coffee and today, he’s positively devoured another friends butt without even a bye your leave! I’m devasted!

Is there no loyalty with males anymore?

I laughed off the first disloyal “nip” casually but then witnessed Jake going out of his way to try more and more – AND our friend encouraged him!

All I can say is that he is now officially Tonys dog and no longer allowed on my knee for cuddles………….well, until these people go home and I can have him to myself again for a big hug!

Molly and Alfie are quite pleased that Jake shares the hugs with them: I think I’d turned into one of those playground mothers who smother their (grown up) children with inappropriate cuddles in front of their peers. No wonder the other dogs laugh at Jake when he’s being snuggled!

Maybe his bum biting is a cry for help? Anyone got the Dog Whisperers’ number?

Category: Cyprus Villas News