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4th February 2017

World Cancer Day

Whilst many of the newly ”named” annual days are sometimes a little bit gimmicky, anything which draws attention to eg illnesses, problems, people who deserve/need help etc, are welcome in my  humble opinion.

Today, ‘there has been a lot of advertising for World Cancer Day – and this year, like many in the past, this terrible disease is so very much in the minds of our family , that I felt it only right to talk about it.

The hard thing is, for every cancer, there is a person with a family and friends, linked to them. There is a whole story of life/ups and downs/hopes and dreams, wrapped around the person whose world is being turned upside down. It’s one of the awful ”happenings in life” which simply knock the breath out of you, whether you are the sufferer or the loved one standing nearby – and one which seems to be so very ”unknown”, making it all the more scary……

I’ve witnessed incredible courage and strength from people close to us, who’ve struggled with this disease. Some, have been fortunate and been able to fight and win their battle. Others haven’t been so lucky and have left behind them, broken hearts and lives as their families struggle to come to terms with the monumental loss of their loved one.

I’ve felt truly in the presence of grace and complete love, as I witnessed sisters helping their beloved sister to gently leave her pain behind and cannot find words to describe the courage of a young mum, having to provide a loving , stable and happy home for her two children after the loss of her husband , their father…………..two examples of millions happening all around us , tragically, every day due to this disease.

Today, having lost our father only 5 months ago, one of my sisters is courageously facing her battle with cancer. As a mum and grannie, daughter, sister, partner, friend, colleague and totally incredible human being, her fight belongs to all of us – as does the fight of every soul battling disease. Nothing can be said to make it better and nothing makes it go away.

World Cancer Day is a good thing if it gets us all talking and giving support and love to each other. It must be an incredibly lonely place to be if you are the patient, not wanting to make anyone around you, feel worse than they do BUT it’s our duty to talk/be there and to listen and try to understand. To help and to support .

A candle is lit in our home for everyone whose lives have been touched by cancer, who’ve lost a loved one and who are currently fighting their own battle with this disease.

Here’s to the chance to celebrate World Has Found a Cure for ALL Cancers, day….


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