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1st October 2014

Working out bank holiday

Despite it being a bank holiday today, Paola , our fit and lovely pilates teacher, decided to still hold the early morning class. So along with 4 other ladies, I ventured enthusiastically into the gym – and left, giggling and in pain one hour later.

The exercise is great! I could sit and watch the moves all day long. Its the ‘having to do them’ I struggle with! I KNOW I’m at an age where its vital to ‘use it or lose it’, (by the way, don’t tell Tony I’ve written that down LOL!) but I feel like I’m using bits I don’t actually have! I learned a long time ago that my legs  and arms aren’t long enough but I figure my legs keep my bums of the ground and  my arms do great cuddles so I felt fine.

Now, I just feel silly but happy. This morning, I looked in the mirror and got the visual of a pig amongst ballerinas, in terms of shapes. This made me laugh more which made me fall over – again. On Friday, I’m going to the class as ‘Dr Isles” out of Rizzoli and Isles TV show: she’s wonderful! Clever, great at her job, fab figure, can do handstands and is very quiet…

On second thoughts, on Friday, I’m going at Piglet. Much easier! And as Winny the Pooh said, “What day is it?”. “Today” , replied Piglet. “My favourite day”, repled Winny!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy the photo of Mollys ears ‘surfing the waves!. Come and see us soon: email to molly ears