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1st January 2010

Work and Marriage – limited partnerships!?

Working together is very interesting – and challenging. Having both come from “real, proper “jobs in the UK, with the separate stresses and strains of busy lives, working side by side to grow our beloved villa holiday business has its moments.

Each year is beginning to have its regular patterns: the 6 month key rush of the multitude of family arrivals, peppered with the older travellers and groups who come around the other 6 months. We’ve learnt to adapt to the demands of all ages groups staying in the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia – and to be brave enough to ask relevant questions so we know we can accomodate people as comfortably as possible. Its wonderful, rewarding work – but we’re constantly learning that WE need to communicate.

“They” reckon that the longer a couple is together, the easier it is for them to understand one another; even “hearing” each others thoughts. I think Tony thinks I really can read his mind so he transfers information to me by thought, often really believing he has told me stuff – and I just don’t tell him anything other than on a “need to know ” basis!

We’re getting better and better but I’m ashamed to say I’ve made an error tonight and not double checked a detail before responding to the clients who wished to swop their villa. Apparently, they’ve talked it all over with Tony who sensibly swopped them from their initial choice to something more sensible – and tonight they were reconfirming the swop. As I didn’t know this, I had to go the “official” route of checking dates/reconfirming and generally made the whole thing a lot harder for the client, very unintentionally, than I needed to.

I’ve apologised and do again now – and I’m off to see Tony and interrupt his football to ask him if there is anything else I need to know before I behave like a bull in a china shop.

Its all Tonys fault: he’s watching Liverpool play so I couldn’t watch soaps on MY TV! If I’d been allowed to, he would have been in the office instead of me and would have dealt swiftly and easily with the change, helped by advance knowledge of why!

That said, its very peaceful in here tonight and I’m enjoying answering the enquiries. 08 is looking busy; I cannot get over how organised you villa holidaymakers are getting with early bookings. More power to you!

Ready, smiling and waiting for your emails…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News