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2nd September 2012

Word association

Tina, our wonderful accountant and I were just nattering about silly memories and experiences. The chat was inspired by “Mr Pertly Furnished” , a local property man who had called into the office and whom Tina recognised . Apparently, he’d once sent Tina an email saying the house he had for her was, “pertly furnished”…

I was laughing about how some roads remind me of things eg today, I had to drive to Villa Caliteri which is just off the turning to Peyia school, where I do Greek classes, so my heart sank coz I hadn’t done my homework – then I remembered it wasn’t the same day!

When I lived in the UK, I used to drive down the A19 past the “knickers house”. It was a beautiful house, up on the hill and surrounded by fields – but the first time I noticed it, I was listening to the history of underwear, on the radio – so the house became the “knickers house”….

Certificates will forever be “surtyfiguts” coz that is what the watersports here in Coral Bay, offer to anyone passing their diving course!

Would love to hear your word associations: please drop us an email when you have a moment!

Category: Cyprus Villas News