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1st January 2010

wood you?

I like building pergolas (or do you erect them?)….well, not building/erecting them personally, as such but “overseeing” the team who did and the almost-finished-product, is great – and has unforeseen benefits…

For example,

– last night, because we’d been cleaning up after the days before erection of the pergola, Charly decided to take us all out for a meze at Arousos in Kathikas, (which is a great place we encourage all the people staying in our villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, to go to) – well, Charly didn’t decide to take us there exactly; he just said he’d take us out and we choose there…………….sorry ,am waffling, so to get back to the story….

– because of the wood work on the pergola and the mess which I had to clear out , so got very tired,… we got taken out for dinner! Lovely!

– because of the pergola, we had spare wood: so today a family who live locally who are really nice and we love to see them, came up for a coffee coz they wanted some wood and we had some left! So we enjoyed coffee and cuddles with their granddaughter, Imy

– because we went out last night, because of the wood, David, Charlys friend, was “on a wind up” which the 3 of us enjoyed but he didn’t! We pretended that the, (very tactile/very straight), waiter was gay and was interested in David, who is happily married and not interested in “new experiences” which actually weren’t on offer – but he didn’t know that!

– because of the pergola being built, Tony decided to (eventually) clean up the balcony upstairs and move all of the Jake-chewed furniture, out of the way PLUS Tony repotted some of the (very much in need of repotting) plants which were living unhappily on the balcony.

So, in summary, if you are thinking of having a pergola, my advice is GO FOR IT! Not only does the wood look great against the fantastic views of the coastline of Paphos, Coral Bay and Sea Caves but the process of building/erecting the structure has many, many added benefits: and there aren’t many experiences of building/erecting (!), that can claim that!

Fun, good food; great company; wind up and coffee n cuddles, all from wood! Easily pleased? You bet I am!

Category: Cyprus Villas News