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23rd March 2019

Wonky rooms

I’ve had to make a coffee, sit down and give myself a good old talking to, then laugh at how totally ridiculous I get when I worry about stupid things…… Let me explain:

Barney T Rubble is having two new friends around this afternoon, to share a play date with him – and some wine and natter with me. These two lovely hooomans haven’t met Barney before and  I  know, are very excited! Barney has been showered, brushed and tidied up in preparation – but the process has left the house covered in even more spatterings of Barney’s hair: so much so, that I could knit a couple of Baby Barneys and gift them to the ladies!

The hair wasn’t too much of a problem – till I got the vacuum out and it broke AAAARGH! So out came the sweeping brush, off went the hair (in all directions) and, reaching for the mop and bucket to clean the floors, I discovered that Tony still has it I the boot of his car and has taken it for a ride!……….double AAAAAARGH!

So, Barney looks fab. The house looks dusty and even the cushions won’t ”plump” to order and it’s only 10 am, I’ve got to go into work now for a few hours before the ladies arrive – and I’m shattered!

The most stupid thing of all is, I know Barney’s soon to be new best friends, won’t care a jot. In fact, they’ll laugh when they read this – and I need to laugh about it now coz I’ve got villa holiday guests arriving at noon and need to go and do the final checks on their villa!

Taking a very a good few lines apart and rewriting:

“Life is full of dust and stubble, especially owning a pet. Laugh! It’s really not worth the trouble. Dust hasn’t ended a friendship – yet!”

(If you want to book a REALLY CLEAN holiday villa or apartment in Peyia or Coral Bay, Cyprus this year, email to My sparkling clean laptop and I are at your service).