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1st January 2010

witness to love

Susie Floozy sent me a link on Google to ‘Schoep’ and told me to have a hankie ready…….how right she was.
Schoep is a 19 year old arthritic dog whose owner takes him into the nearby lake each evening, to help this lovely animal go over to sleep: the water eases the pain of the arthritis and Schoep can go to sleep more easily………….the photo on Google is beautiful

You’ve got to have shared a life with a dog to know the love they give and to understand how much love is shared between John Unger, Schoeps ‘father ‘ and Schoep… The story has touched me so deeply today, I just cannot find words……….

Upstairs, as I write, Tony is asleep and Alfie dog, 13 and very poorly, is lying next to him, sleeping the morning away happily , safe in the knowledge that he is with his ‘father person’ and is safe, loved and will be cared for to the end of this unique loving adventure that we’ve shared together. My heart is broken thinking of what is to come soon but also warmed by being witness today, looking at Schoep and John, to the love which is shared between man and dog. I wish only that every dog experienced this and every person could feel the unconditional love given in return.

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