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1st January 2010

With a song in his heart!

I’m very jealous! Every morning this week , Jake has greeted Tony with a big song and dance. He even did a “double song” this morning!

Its a lovely noise – and its lovely to see this great big silly monster rescued pup, feeling so happy that he sings to us to show us he is happy.

With me, Jake makes his “square happy face”; rushes at me to cuddle me then makes funny little noises, like little “grumps” as if he is trying to say something. With Tony, its full blown orchestral version of happy akita song!

Last night, Jake sang again to Tony, who was chuffed to bits and proudly telling me “his dog” had sung – and as he was telling me, “his dog” was drinking his much needed cup of tea: which didn’t get Jake a song in return but a chorus of shouts instead from Tony!

James is cleaning our windows as I write this:I’ve told him about Jakes singing and James reckons he can make Jake sing: I should have taken a side bet on this: Jake doesn’t sing at “strangers” – he steals their “bucket on a belt” or nips their bum instead!

Thinking about it, he’s quite a clever puppy , all in all!

Category: Cyprus Villas News