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11th October 2010

Wired? We will be!

Well, we have a problem. Man U kick off in an hour or so and our TV system in our villa in Peyia, is not very well. For that , read, completely stuffed!

Currently, Tony M , our friend and TV “expert” is working on trying to fix it. Tony B, my other half, is supervising and Jake is pinching all of the parts, holding them hostage for a few minutes then realising they aren’t tasty so leaving them.

I’ve missed the soaps but am enjoying the spectacle. Tony M has already had a big shock from one of the thingies he has plugged in – and Hussain, who works with him , is currently being chased around the pool by Jake………

Who needs the Woolpack when our house is packed with a string of badly fitting TV connections, poorly wired very large dog and his pals and bad tempered husband who is a Man U fan!

Cue the ad breaks! I need to powder my nose coz I’ve laughed so much!.,…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News