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1st January 2010

Winter sun and doggy days

32 degrees and storming hot. We’ve spent the morning showing some lucky people around the choice of winter sun apartments and villas we have. Imagine spending December to March in luxury in the sunshine, at extra low prices eg:
– Isis apartment, only 1000 sterling from 8th Jan to 31st March
– Villa Marina Sunset or Villa Bella,3 bed villas, only 650 euros per month for 4 months
(plus utilities)…..
Well worth trying before you move!

Anyway, we came home having found 3 lucky couples just the right apartments for them and found Molly doing her “itchy bum” dance – meaning she is a little bunged up! One doggy bath and cuddle later and she’s feeling a little better – though I’ve had to put her bed next to my sunbed for the afternoon so she can “chill out” with me!
Jake is sleeping in the sun, chasing imaginary friends and Alfie is snoring gently in his “international traveller” dreams…………Charlie is next door eating!

Its a lovely day. In every sense. Hope you are having a great one too!

Category: Cyprus Villas News