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1st January 2010

Wind in the Coptics!

Today is seeing the first of Cyprus 5 famous Coptic storms: heavy rain, swirling winds and chilly temperatures! It is quite magnificent to observe when you are indoors but very cold outdoors!

From our home on the hillside in Peyia, I’ve been watching the white horses on the sea, as they crash against the coastline. The sea is so very aggravated today – its great to watch with a hot cuppa in hand!

Unfortunately, I’ve got to go out for work soon and have had to find a heavy sweater hidden deep in the back of my wardrobe! Its definitely a coat day though: which makes me happy coz I LOVE my coat! (I know, I’ve told you that before)!.

The Coptic storms are to Cyprus what the infamous Mistral is to France: we are given warning of the forthcoming “coptic”, so can batten down the hatches and bring in the garden furniture/washing. The dogs aren’t too pleased: they’ve been housebound all morning, so Molly and Charlie kitten went back to bed where they are snuggled up as one. Alfie is on the rug in front of the fire downstairs and Jake is “helping” Tony paint one of the bedrooms. Tiffany is under the bed in the room where Tony is painting but the smell of paint seems to have masked Jakes “sensitivites” and he’s currently only interested in eating the biscuits Tony is having with his cuppa.

I’ve got to wrap up (in more ways than one) and take myself out …….oh, I just don’t “do” wet hair and cold wind anymore! Terrible admission for a Geordie lass!

Okay, here goes……….see you later!