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16th February 2014

William Simpson: just a regular GREAT guy!

Some of our closest friends are spending a (probably very tipsy) weekend in a posh hotel in the UK, to celebrate Bill Simpsons birthday.

Tony and I love this man – and his wife SO much! We owe them for many happy memories, tons of laughs, sharing in their gorgeous family times – and we’ve loads more of these to happen! Bill is also personally responsible for introducing us to The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie F: and now we cannot live without them either. So we owe Bill BIG style- and will get our own back (tee hee!!).

Anyway, just wanted to wish Bill a HUGE happy birthday. A year ahead filled with love, grandchildren, hole in one (!) and better golfing trousers – plus, we hope, some sunshine here with us in Cyprus

Remember William, the one thing you loved about being here, was that you stayed ‘regular’ …… Yes readers, that’s how old he really is and what is now important to him……

Tons and tons and tons of love to this very special man; one of the best around!

Category: Cyprus Villas News