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1st January 2010

Will we ever “get it?”

Its a very sad day. Tonys mum has just rung to tell us that Kevin, who went to school with Tony, has died suddenly. My “other mother” is devastated for Kevins mum, Margaret and for the whole family. Tony doesn’t know yet but I know he’ll be deeply upset……..

Everyday, we read of accidents, deaths, illnesses, problems yet everyday we shed tears and sigh heavily, before creating even more problems for ourselves and others by misunderstandings or lack of communication. Of course things go wrong and people take ill. Accidents happen and life is brought to an abrupt halt-its like a chess game but we really don’t know what will strike next and where BUT am just stopping to think about the world around me and I know again, how lucky Tony and I are and I’m going to hold that feeling in my heart today, weathering any “battle” which comes my way today – and I’ve already have a few!

Yesterday, our wonderful team and I spent an hour or so, over a few beers, just chilling out. The team are the best there could be and we couldn’t do what we do without them. I was talking to them about being like baby monkies on a tree (yes, even before having wine): the likeness being we’re all linked together, balancing what we do and trying to keep that balance coz if one of us does something wrong, the others “fall” too – so we need each other very much.

Am thinking again today how much we all really need each other: from the very welcome and lovely emails I get from Jacqui, my schoolfriend who lives in our home town of Hebburn and who shares news with me, to our family who ring us for a catch up; our friends who text and pop in just coz they can; the people here in Coral Bay and Peyia who go about their day, sharing the journey with us – and the customers who arrive and depart, our lives touching for a short period of time but creating memories and experiences that make the world more colourful………….it all matters.

I’ve been wishing the time away till tomorrow night when Tony gets home but I’ve also been wishing that he is loving the experience he’s having training in America to be a pool inspector – and that he’ll accept that I’ve missed him but have lived this week cherishing the people around me, who help our lives roll along better. (big thanks to Susie F and Margaret for their help with the dogs this week xx).

The way today has gone, I’m sure the next big challenge is out there among arrivals waiting to reveal itself but I’m ready and waiting. We all live in our own “civil war” but we’re alive and most of us have the choice to effect how we live.

My wish for today is for strength in each of us to recognise when we have to have faith and accept life as it comes – and when we should reach out and embrace it for all it is, wrapping those around us who are in need, with our own love and strength.

There for the grace of God go we ………and wishing love and peace on those who in need today.

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