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20th August 2016

Wild about Harry!

The chorus on the hill this morning, was deafening, so I went to see what all of the fuss was about. Barney T Rubble was hanging through the balustrades , quietly watching something, his tail wagging happily but his little sister ,  Molly Mou, was going crazy, ‘shouting’ at something. The noise Molly was making had ‘encouraged’ her friend, George, the Labrador who lives in a neighbouring villa, to shout back at her – and Gus, our neighbours cat was just watching quietly…

On the hill in front of our home – and the obvious subject of the affray, was Harry, the long haired and very pretty, family cat of one of our friends on the hill. Harry, one of 16 cats who live in their home with their brother, a large  German Shepherd , isn’t phased by dogs at all. He often visits our home to torment our furry gang  or just to have a ‘chat’ with us for a while.

Today, he was simply chilling. Lying peacefully, on the road in front of our home, enjoying the sunshine and a moment of calm – but when I shouted to Molly to ‘keep quiet’ and George shouted even louder, I swear Harry was laughing!

Come and meet the furries on the hill in Peyia – or the many who hang around the restaurants in Coral Bay. For villas with clean pools and friendly local animalsphoto charlie cat in window, email to!


photo ted and barney closephoto molly chilling

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