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9th April 2016

Wicked William & Tony Without Teeth!

I’m reminded that I’ve been remiss in updating you with the wellbeing of my wonderful Mum in law, “Tony Without Teeth”, and her handsome beau, “Wicked William”. May I apologise – and attempt to update you, as briefly and cleanly as possible!

Well , time has flown by since we saw this wonderful pair! From their stay with us last year , where Tony Without Teeth, screamed obscenities at Wicked William, over a lunchtime cocktail or three, then called off their relationship and went into , “The Bell Huff”, (and trust me, you’ve not known a huff till you’ve experienced the depth of one , ‘given out’ by a Bell!) – and Wicked William slept through the whole tirade; having fallen asleep with his hearing aid turned off – all has been well!

Sort of!

They returned to stay in Villa Lily May, bringing Michael with Teeth But Without Hair, (Tonys brother), to stay with them – and he brought his gorgeous girlfriend, her daughter and his two children – so you can imagine……The fire which WW accidentally started in the bin of the villa, where he’d put his slipper coz he’d set fire to THAT while lighting the BBQ (don’t ask) , was extinguished – but the heat of the many rows between the generations, wasn’t . MWTBWH is now single again but has very bravely just had Tony Without Teeth and Wicked William to stay with him. When I asked him how it went, he explained that WW was , “Tapping out the Morse Code on his plate , while trying to ‘catch’ a meatball – and Tony Without Teeth, was breaking the crockery, as she lovingly tried to wash the pots but struggled with the horrible shakes she has”. I had to lie down just thinking about the scene as I’ve experienced it so often! (Please , don’t mention the , ” Tale of the Teapot Lid” to me unless I’ve got a strong drink in my hand!”)

Anyway, thank God, TWT and WW are both well and continuing to be totally wonderful parents/parents in law/grandparent and great parents! WW has survived having to have a colostomy bag but was happy to show anyone who wanted to see it – or even didn’t – and Tony Without Teeth continues to look after everyone in the family, with gusto though less china than she previously had. They are just the best!

I’ll try harder to keep you informed! Please just don’t ask me about my Mum, ” George The Dragon”, as she is affectionately known (?), until I’ve had a longer rest!

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Photo below of the shipwreck off the coast at Sea Caves! Seemed appropriate!

photo shipwreck