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19th February 2017

wicked william strikes again!

It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you, some of the smiles our beloved Wicked William gives us! The 94 year old boyfriend of my husbands 84 year old Mum, ”Tony Without Teeth”, Wicked William has, over the many years, kept us all smiling – not least because he is a totally wonderful, loving gentleman – but also because he is funny too – and he loves me sharing his stories! Makes him feel ”famous”, apparently!

Unfortunately, last Monday, Wicked William stumbled as he exited a car driven by my brother in law, Mike. Realising WW was shaken and potentially hurt, Mike took him to hospital where the shenanigans began.

“When were you born?” , asked a pretty nurse to WW. “”1907”, replied our intrepid hero. “”Oh so you are 110! We must take very good care of you!”. Smiling, Wicked William was unaware that he’d added the nurses age to his own ie 16 years!

”Have you had any operations in the past?” , asked the attending doctor. “”Yes, I’ve got two artificial legs”, was the reply from the patient who actually has had a knee replacement but nothing more!

Discussing Wicked William, who is also very deaf, with Mike, the Doctor kindly tried to stop WW from interrupting the Docs sensible discussion with Mike: “Please wait, William””, said the Doctor , very gently. “”10 Stone , son,””said Wicked William – and I’ve been that weight my whole life…””

The story  has a very happy ending. Wicked William has only a cracked rib. His legs have miraculously returned to being his own and he’s 16 years younger since getting home! The Doctor is having treatment…..

Family life! You’ve got to love it! Especially when we all love the members of the family so much, whatever their age and infirmities!

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(The photo below is of Wicked William waiting patiently on the bench in our garden, so his afternoon GnT!)