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6th April 2017

why worry?

I was just sitting on The Thinking Step, having a coffee when the colours of two plants in the garden, caught my eye: (photo below). Am in a bit of a reflective mood today, (for that read tired after a very late night check in!) and I got to thinking, how beautiful these plants are and how incredible that they come back to life and bloom every year.

I wonder if they worry when the winter sets in and their leaves get wrinkled and fall off and there is nothing left of them except some unsightly stumps and no colour? I bet they don’t. They’ve just learned to trust nature and know that everything is a cycle: knowing that they’ll wake again and ”smile” in full bloom, sharing their colours and individuality, with their fellow shrubs and flowers in a garden……

Now I think that, if I’m thinking this, maybe I need a holiday!

If you are in need of a break and somewhere to come to find your ”blossom” and ”colour”, come to Coral Bay or Peyia and trust this welcoming area to nurture you back to full glow. For availability and offers, email to . As for me, I’m making another coffee and am off to talk to the trees……

Category: Cyprus Villas News