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14th September 2015

why we have no smoking villas…We

The bi product of living in such a very hot country, is that the ground, shrubbery and foliage get tinder dry. Without thinking sometimes, tourists throw a cigarette butt out of a car window – and the photo below is what happens.

Last week in the Peyia area, we had 3 very large fires, two of which took the lives of many goats, a donkey and the businesses of some of the farmers in the area.

Fire is a serious think here – as it is everywhere – and we ask simply for people to be very careful when disposing of cigarettes. Of course, this message goes to the locals too: many Cypriots smoke too.

Where the villas are concerned, the owners ask for no smoking inside but most will accept smoking outside, as long as guests dispose of their ciggies carefully. Its all about respect and care, isn’t it?

photo fire

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