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30th October 2015

Why take a Cyprusvillas holiday?

I’ve been doing a little research today: I know  that, if you think about why you need a holiday, its fairly common sense but I thought I’d research online just what the ‘experts’ say – and those who love holidaying!

The first few reasons were fairly straightforward:

– to relax away from the daily stresses and stranges

– to have a change of scenery and give your brain time to ‘chill out’

– to take off the pressure your daily life puts on you, especially from a work/life balance perspective

then I had to giggle when I read a few more and thought about the book found in one of our villas when the guests left last week (see photo below):

– to create memories

– to have an adventure (!)

– to reconnect: with family, partner and ,erm , passions!…….

Well, taking that all into consideration, I think we’ll put copies of this book in EVERY holiday villa in Coral Bay and Peyia: may be just another reason to have another holiday and ‘read’ the sequel!

If you’d like to come to holiday in a Coral Bay villa with pool, or in a  Peyia property with views , email to us for availability on (and if you do, please let us know how you get away with page 53!)

photo geriatric sex guide