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12th January 2014

Why Rent a Villa in Coral Bay or Peyia?

I’ve just had an email from a lady who has never had a holiday in a rented villa before. She loves Peyia, Cyprus but is trying to decide whether to stay in a local hotel or rent Villa Lily May in Peyia from us – great question – and I could ramble on forever about why she should rent a villa but I’ve started by explaining

– renting a villa gives you total peace and privacy: no-one apart from you and yours walking past your bedroom door at night!

– the pool is YOURS! Use it or don’t – but you don’t have to wait for ‘others ‘ to vacate it before you go in

– make a cuppa when you want/grab a beer when you want/eat when you want – its home from home

– stay in at night, curl up in the pretty gardens/enjoy a BBQ at home/dance naked/sing your heart out – do whatever you wish!

– more relaxed holiday: its YOUR rules/your choices/your way – no announcement/unwelcome or unpleasant people around you and no noise except from you and yours

– more YOU! Come and go as you please – or don’t. Stay by the pool for the whole break and get food /shopping delivered.

– more flexible: if one of you wants to go out , the others can stay in comfortably without feeling ‘awkward’ or being stuck with strangers

– great value! split the cost of the villa on a per head basis and you’ll be amazed at the value

– more special: some many lovely villas for rent to choose from; choose a ‘dream’ one or a homely one or a beachfront one or a village one – and its all yours or your holiday…………

Villa or hotel? No choice as far as I’m concerned and as I’ve told the lady, once you’ve holidayed in the peace and privacy of a villa in Coral Bay or Peyia, you’ll probably never go back to a hotel holiday again!

ps Oh – and she’s booked with us too!!