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20th September 2015

Why do we rent holiday villas in Cyprus ?

A holiday company is a difficult business to manage. Don’t get me wrong, it can be the best business in the world where we get to meet wonderful people, both owners of properties and holiday makers – but people are interesting to say the least!

A lady I know , who worked for many years on the airlines told me not to take anything personally: that in our work, we ‘come with the ticket’, so when holiday makers are tired and very grumpy on arrival, its not personal. When owners are frustrated or have unreasonable expectations of something, ie having to pay their bill to us is the best one!, its not personal!

The thing is, though, it IS personal: its about my team and I, putting our all into making someones holiday the best it can be and working with owners who care enough to keep their holiday properties beautiful

We’ve just taken on a new 4 bedroomed villa in the heart of Coral Bay, its amazing! The sign at the front door says it all: see photo below. I just know this is going to be a happy , successful and interesting holiday rental journey!

Details of the villa will follow but please email to us on if you’d like to pre book a 4 bed in the heart of Coral Bay for 2016 or want to book some winter sun!

photo house sign