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18th October 2014

Why do we holiday at home in Peyia?

I’ve been asked so many times why Tony and I holiday at home in Peyia, when we live and work here 365 days per year AND have been here almost 12 years. Well , that’s simple, where else would we have beautiful sunshine/sunsets/ choice of different walks, from seafront to cliff tops to mountain paths to museums to villages to markets to harbours…… get my drift!

PLUS we’ve got a pool, the comforts of our villa, our furry family, local wine, local tavernas, great choice of restaurants, more local wine and fresh, clean air.

The Cypriots are friendly, welcoming; our friends and family LOVE coming to stay We drive on the same side of the road as in UK AND we can drive the whole length of the island in under 3 hours, enjoying differing landscapes, visiting the lace village, the divided City of Nicosia/ listening to music which tells many stories and just sitting quietly reading.

Cyprus has everything your heart could wish for – and some of the best winter sun in the Med. Come and see for yourself; Email to me and I”ll share the magic of Cyprus with you!

The photo below is of Barney T Rubble ‘lunching with the boys’. Enjoy!boys on tour