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1st January 2010

Why Aliens land in Cyprus….

Today, like a “zap” to the head, I realised why the aliens came to Cyprus the other day and why they chose The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie F to reveal themselves to……

Think about it: Tony and Paul are deep in their training for the Pool Instructor Training Courses in Dallas. We’ve spent the past two years trying to perfect our art and ensure the swimming pools of the villas we rent, have perfectly clean water which is safe to swim in – and now we are getting our “stripes” for this…..

Soooooo, aliens obviously come from a planet where they have swimming pools! And they are so excited by the NSPF CPO training courses and how clean the water is here in pools, that they’ve beamed down to see for themselves – and try to get onto the course!

TGR, being a friend of those “in the know” for pools, has done what they needed him to do ie pass the message on. They’ve probably taken over Rays body (when they stole his teeth) and are waiting quietly inside until TGR goes on the training course – or is listening to Tony wax lyrical about the training course (which I can assure you will happen – regularly!), so they can learn more about the hows and whys……