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5th June 2016


We love our work! The owners of the holiday villas we work for, are great. The holiday guests who rent the villas in Coral Bay and Peyia are, at best, wonderful and at worst, teaching us an awful lot to help us work harder/be more tolerant! It’s fun – and a pleasure to do, despite the long and often , very unsociable hours, (tonights check in , will be around midnight and I’m on duty boo hoo!).

The owners visit regularly, helping to keep their villas up to standard, while enjoying the experience of staying in their homes. They are normally self sufficient and, other than the clean for their arrival, they look after themselves and we’re not needed.

Except when they forget to put the tablet in their dishwasher…….. or to switch it on at all……..then we get an email from a very embarrassed person, who , having previously given us the precise instructions of what they’d do and what we’d need to do on departure, didn’t ‘do’ their bit …..

Oh, I did giggle. But it was only  a ‘tiny incident’ compared to previous ones Tony and I had made these lovely people experience! Like the time our 60 kilos doggy, Jake, tried to ‘pooh’ in the bathroom but missed the pot and I didn’t know and the aforementioned owners wife went to use the loo…………..

Dishes are done now though and no dirty washing in sight!

I love my job! If you’d like to come to a villa which is loved and cared for by its owners and us, email to A sunshine holiday might be just the ‘tablet’ needed for you and your family!

our house photo