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7th August 2020


This morning, we were visited in the office by one of our regular suppliers, who is Cypriot and so very lovely. His English is not brilliant but is so very much better than my Greek, so we chat and have a laugh at the words we each mix up – but this one was classic!

The man was telling me that he is looking forward to meeting his new grandson, who is due to be born , next week. I asked if the baby would be named after him and he said no, this baby will be named after his grandfather on the baby’s mothers side. His name will be Maximus Sotiros!

I said that , with a name like that, the baby should be Emperor! The man laughed and said, ”No. He should be at least Queen!”

After a pause, we both fell about laughing as he banged his head on the desk and said, “”Oh what have I said! I meant Kwing (!). I have made a wish on him now….””

We both then agreed that, at the end of the day, Maximus simply needs to be healthy and happy. Whatever his status, these are the most important things!

I love this village and the people I get to chat to!

Visit Peyia this winter or in 2021. Email to me for details on holiday properties fit for a kwing!: