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6th September 2018

A whole lot of T.Rubble!

So Barney T. Rubble and I are enjoying our late evening walks up the hill near our home in Peyia.

For me, it’s a time of peace and destressing after busy days. For Barney , it seems to be a time of being ”on guard” and watching out for the many feral cats who live on the hillside.

Tonight, just as we were about to leave the house, Harry Cat, one of the prettiest and cheekiest of the Hill Gang, decided to come into our back garden and , ”flick his tail” at Barney, then run and jump JUST out of reach on the wall near the shed!

Barney won’t move. He is watching Harry closely and waiting for his moment to chase this beautiful feline…. I’m watching Barney, watch Harry: I’m very fond of this cheeky cat and often find him sleeping in my car when I forget to put the roof up.

I think Harry would like to be here in the house with us. Tony thinks I’m wrong and Harry would simply like to scratch Barney’s eyes out! Barney just wants to play chase and goodness knows what else if he ever caught Harry, so best we all keep vigilant and let dogs be dogs and cats be cats- but as far apart as possible!

Speaking of being vigilant, we’ve got our eyes on some lovely new villas for 2019 to add to our already great portfolio of hand picked holiday villas, so if you’re thinking of a villa holiday here in Coral Bay or Peyia, do chase us up quickly before another beats you to your choice. Email to for offers and deals for 2019.

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