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1st January 2010

“Who wears short, shorts?”…….

Our friend Susies beloved, is a little kitten called Benji….

No, sorry, is a gorgeous, tall and very lovely man called Ray who we call, “The Great Raymondo”. Ray is the sort of person who everyone needs in their life: always happy; always smiling and always with a (terrible) joke to tell – he is fab…..

Apart from one HUGE fault: he persists in wearing shorts, even though its now winter and a cold 12 degrees (sometimes – sometimes it simply a pleasant 18 degrees!) and he is looking more and more tanned as the days go on.

The shorts would be fine, coz he suits them but he makes the rest of us feel cold: take Tuesday evening – the four of us started language lessons: Sue and Ray want to be able to talk to locals instead of us and we just want to talk sensibly to many of our Cypriot friends and villas owners……..anyway, I digress…..

Lessons began at 6pm in the elementary class at Peyia School: Tony and I went straight from work, wearing many layers of clothes coz the evenings get colder and colder in January. Ray and Sue arrived looking great:Sue in her blue snuggly fleece and Ray, in his shorts and T shirt! Worse, he didn’t even seem to care when the temperature dropped as the lesson went on AND he said he didn’t feel the cold!!

The worries are many:

– will this great big lovely man catch a chill from which he’ll struggle to recover easily?

– can the rest of us bear the sight of his tanned knees for much longer in the colder weather to come

– and HOW will he remove layers when it starts to get hot again? (This one is very scary!!)

Susie and Ray called into the office to see us to ask who to talk to about their assets: personally, I think Rays will be frozen for a very long time……………..

Category: Cyprus Villas News