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1st January 2010

Who needs wings?

Other mother is in the skies as I write. She and Bill left us a few hours ago and I have to say I feel very sad to see them go. They’ve made me giggle so much with their squabbles and, today, their planning for the week ahead – which seems to focus on food, bingo and what time Bill has to return to his own home to watch his own TV, so Joanie can catch up on the soaps!

We’ve had a busy day which has meant we’ve not had too much time to dwell on the space in our home where they were both sat only this morning. The season is now in flow and we’re welcoming lovely guests here for the first time and many, many people are returning to our villas, some for the 4th and 5th time – and we thank them for that!

Tonight, we welcome the winners of our recent radio competition on Dune 107fm . The Sholicar family are due here at 10 pm and we’re ready with a warm Cyprus welcome for them. Knowing how excited they are, they could have got here under their own steam, I think!

Joan will have her spidergran glasses on and John Sholicar will be wearing a huge smile, so the skies above Cyprus and filled with happiness

Here on the ground, my heart is still flying with the news that Molly Mou has a clean bill of health – and , thank god, my Mum is going to be fine IF she can keep off the dreaded ciggies!

There are angels around us – even if one of them is disguised as “SpiderGran”.

Category: Cyprus Villas News